Hi all, I am Yana, the proud 5th employee of Y squared!

I have officially passed the 1st month milestone of working for Y squared so I would love to tell you something more about my first experience.

Application process

While going through the application process, I quickly noticed that Y squared is a (small) team of enthusiastic people. Although we touched upon business topics, I could quickly tell that Lynn and Kim aim to go for a personal approach. Of course, your professional background is important, but they were as interested in the story I had to tell and why I applied. That’s where I felt that the Y in Y squared is surely no lie 😉.

First week

During the first days, I was baptized in the Y squared culture and got the time to see what internal projects the team was working on (next to client work). As lucky as I was, on the evening of my first day we directly left to go on an offsite for 2 days at `Your nature eco resort` in Antoing. Many fun events were planned such as padel, cheese & beer pairings and exploring the local city, which made it very easy for me to get to know the team outside of the work environment. During the day they worked for their clients, while I had the time to dig a little deeper into Y squared. As I was new to the consulting sector, they proposed to look up some trainings before getting me assigned to a project.


No sooner said than done, by Monday I was enrolled in 2 courses: Professional Business Analyst and Certified Product Owner. Where the first training was focused on the theoretical background a BA needs to have, the second one was an on-site training where the focus laid on both networking and a practical approach to the product owner roles and responsibilities. Who else can say they obtained 2 certificates during their first month? 🙂

Project work

I was included in multiple internal projects such as looking for a fitting growth marketing partner, assessing website opportunities, adding structure to the way of working and working on my resume. It was very nice that I got the time to do some work for Y squared, as it allowed me to immediately feel part and bring value to the Y squared family. Surely the monthly Winesdays (wine + Wednesday) helped as well ;)!

I will kick off my second month by starting a project for D`Ieteren.

Let the fun begin! 😎